Your Network is Your Net Worth

sometimes, It's hard to make new business connections, but its even harder to build a business all on your own.

Ethan Heisey is Financial advisor, CEO, and founder of E Squared Enterprises. Business consultant and speaker. He enjoys speaking on topics of motivation and Sales.

Public Speaking

Ethan Heisey the World Class keynote speaker you've been looking for

Ethan Is Trusted

As someone who is already successful in multiple industries, Ethan has the trust of wealthy individuals globally. Because he is trusted, his network comfortably extends that trust to the people he chooses to vouch for.

Ethan Is Connected

Ethan has a healthy network of extraordinarilly  wealthy individuals, briliantly successful business owners, and access to exclusive resorces earned through these conncetions. And because Ethan is constantly meeting new people, his connections are constantly getting stronger!

Ethan Is Respected

Ethan Heisey brings credibility to the table, and that credibility is leveraged for the benefit of the respected individuals in his personal network. By carefully nurturing and leveraging these connections, Ethan steadily increases the value the brings to others.

One On One Coaching

It's Time To Elevate Your Life & Business!

Ever felt there’s more to your business than meets the eye? Let’s uncover it together. In each personalized session with Ethan, we’ll dive into your business’s untapped potential. Ethan doesn’t just offer advice; he provides a roadmap. Drawing from his wealth of innovative insights and proven strategies, he’ll guide you in reshaping and redefining your business. Ready to reach new heights? Let’s embark on this journey together.

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Set Your Goals

Your Action Plan For Success

Together, we will create a plan of action that meets your specific life and business goals, and sets you up for success.

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Surpass Your Challenges

Unstoppable Progress

Everyone has roadblocks, and by working together, we can overcome them so that you stay on your success path.


Identify Your Needs

Nonstop Growth

As you develop, you’ll discover new needs and areas for improvement for continued growth.

Ethan Heisey

A brief History...

Ethan Heisey grew up in the south East United states as the only boy in the family with one younger sister. His father was his first example of what it takes to succeed in life.

Ethan decided from a very young age that he liked to create businesses.  He realized right away that he was not going to spend his life working for someone else to build their dreams Рrather his own.

If you are ready to Change You Life & Business, You are Ready To Work With Ethan Heisey!

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